May 2013 Asia Sales in Hong Kong at Christie's Strong, 3.2 Billion HK$

After the nose dive in the Chinese art market in 2012 down by nearly 45% in gross dollars, this week's series of auctions in Hong Kong of Chinese Works of art, rare jewelry, wine, paintings etc.. realized a whopping 3.2 Billion Hong Kong Dollars or $418,976,398 US.

Not bad at all. The sales were spread out over 12 individual auctions starting on May 25 and finishing up on the 29th.

Below is an excellent PRE-AUCTION video  produced by Christie's for their clients. They always do a superb job with them and are very informative. They are part in English and in Chinese, during the Chinese language portions they are subtitled in English...

 Fines Chinese Ceramics, Jades and Furniture

Fine and Classical Paintings

Auction Prices Realized

Here are a few of the objects sold the prices realized. Overall the objects exceeded estimates, though some were rolled back to more conservative levels than those of a couple years ago.

One segment of the sale was titled:


YC Chen was a major dealer for decades in the Asian art market sat happily among many other legendary dealers and collectors such as Edward Chow and the Parisian-New York dealer C.T. Loo.

Items from the Chen collection were all sold, 100% SOLD, at averaged prices of four time estimate. The power of provenance can NEVER be underestimated.

Mr. Chen was among the last of the prominent dealers who fled Shanghai for Hong Kong during the 1950's as China turned Communist under Mao. The pre-sale estimate for the 67 lots from his collection totaled 6.4 Million Dollars US and brought in approximately four times the estimate at roughly 25 Million Dollars US. Including the extremely rare and fine pair of Famille Rose Qianlong Vases shown below for 7 Million US. Among the other offerings from the collection were some superb examples of Zitan Tables and Kangxi Period Month Cups.

For More on the Chen Collection Click HERE:

Christie's $2,157,698, XU BEIHONG (1895-1953)

Christie's $7,200,000 US, Qianlong Period

Christie's $2,157,698 US. 20th C., FU BAOSHI (1904-1965) 

BADA SHANREN (1626-1705)
$1,432,890 US

Christie's $1,634,777, 20th C. QI BAISHI (1863-1957)  

Christie's $897,318 US QI BAISHI (1863-1957)

Christie's $500,000 US, WANG XUEHAO (1754-1832) 

Detail of Vase Below

Christie's $1,200,000, 18th C. YONGZHENG Period

Christie's $314,000 US, 20th C. Republic Period Dated 1933

Christie's $64,000 US, 18th C. Qianlong Period

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