The God of Lunar Eclipse, is technically or advisably, back in the limelight, because right now there are very heavy astrological influences upon the whole planet which are reducing peoples cash flow and ability to function properly, and manage their finances with flexibility. The heavens, advise strongly to increase Bucha to the God Pra Rahu or his equivalent, in order to clear away Karmic Residues and the Heavy Influence of the Darker Astrological and Planetary Cosmic Forces upon Humans on Earth. If there are any lunar eclipses occurring during this year of 2557 Buddhist era, these occasions should be used, to perform ritual Bucha to Pra Rahu. This is because, these occasions of the most powerful moments aligned to successful Sorcery and communication with the Asura Deva Pra Rahu.
If you feel that your Fate and Horoscope is not Auspicious, then it could be that Praia Rahu is interfering. You can solve this problem by making Bucha offerings to Praia Rahu every Wednesday;
Light 10 black incense sticks (‘Toop’ in Thai), and five types of black offerings (e.g. Black sticky rice, black jelly grass drink, black semolina or sago pudding and the like).
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