Un Reserved New England Estate Auction of Chinese and Fine Asian Art through March 25th, 2013

Ming Porcelain Charger

Ming Dynasty Blue and White Charger

Its not often that a large group of 500 pieces of good quality examples of Chinese, Korean and Japanese art as well as Southeast Asian examples appears on the EBAY as auction items being sold with no reserves.  Right now through March 25th 2013, this is exactly whats happening.

Kevin Bruneau Of PBS Program "Market Warriors" Selling Asian Art Collection

Down in Rhode Island Bruneu's antiques is doing a terrific no reserve auction on Ebay.
..I came across it yesterday and it's all worth taking a look at. Especially the bronzes.
  • Many of you may know Keven from his work on the PBS program titled Market Warriors.   I've met him only a couple times while attending auctions,  he's a very nice fellow, a hard worker and he's bright. My impression of him is he is reliable guy who simply loves what he does...that's a good thing. 

A Direct Link to the Auction From Kevin Bruneau

Finding the auction is easy..Click the link below which will get you there directly rather than having to scour the 150,000 plus listings on Ebay's Asian Section. 

  • Click the highlighted link below (Search No 1) 

Our Favorite Sellers, Search No. 1

  • Once the page opens just scroll down a bit and find the listings with the Ebay Seller name "BKCRANSTON" which is Kevin's Ebay user name.  
From there you'll find all of his listings Kevin has put up...  Have fun!

The link above is provided by the Ebay Partner Site Bidamount.com

Below are just a FEW of the things he's selling.

Ming, Qing, Famille Rose, Kangxi, Qianlong marked Bronzes and Textiles..and a lot More.

Ming Celadon vase

Ming Dynasty Celadon

The listings include a very nice selection of Chinese and Korean bronzes, some are in gilt and inscribed as well as Japanese pieces, he's put up some interesting good quality jades mostly from the late 19th and early 20th C. .
Porcelains are represented with early 17th C. Ming blue and white pieces, Kangxi plates as well as Famille Rose planters, bowls and wall pockets. Their are also some good textiles in frames and appear to be in good condition. 
In other words this is a good lot gathered from around New England over the last 5 or 6 months. 

Qianlong Gilt Bronze

18th C. Chinese Gilt Bronze Qianlong Marked


Chinese Silk Court Scene

Framed 19th C. Chinese Silk

Chinese jade vase and Flowers

Late 19th C. Chinese Jade Group

Rare Yixing tea Pot

Rare 18th C. Yixing Inscribed Tea Pot

Chinese Gilt Bronze

Late Ming to Early Qing Chinese Gilt Bronze

Chinese White jade

White jade Vessel, Chinese Early 20th C. 

Chinese Famille Rose planter
Late 19th C. Famille Rose Planter on Stand.

late 19th C. Famille Rose wall Pockets
Fine Famille Rose Wall Pockets on Carved Mounts, 19th C. 

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